Denture Repair FAQs

Do you have questions about your dentures? You’re not the only one. Let’s go over some answers to frequently asked questions about dentures and getting them repaired.

Can any problem with dentures be fixed?

Most of the problems that you encounter when you wear dentures will be able to be repaired by a dental professional, but not every problem is able to be fixed. For example, if you have small cracks in your dentures you can take them to a dental professional to get them repaired. However, if there is a severe crack or if your dentures are warped, you may need a replacement.

Can I repair dentures on my own?

You can be tempted to try to repair small issues with your dentures on your own, but this can end up causing a lot more damage than you would expect and making the problem worse. If you’re wondering how to repair dentures in Brooklyn Park, head on over to your dentist and speak with them about the problem that you’re having with your dentures. They will be able to determine the problem and provide a solution for you.

how to repair dentures in Brooklyn Park

If I care for my dentures will they last forever?

Contrary to popular belief, you will need to replace your dentures at least every 10 years. If your dentures do not need to be repaired at any point during these years, they will likely need to be relined so that they continue to fit in your mouth properly. While taking care of your dentures will allow them to last as long as they possibly can, they will not last forever and he will need to get new dentures eventually.

If you’re still brimming with questions about your dentures, contact a dentist near you that specializes in dentures and other restorative alternatives.