How To Trust Your Janitors

Nine times out of ten, your janitors are going to be working inside of your business while you are not around. They might come in early in the morning or leave late at night, and if your business contains valuables or sensitive information, you want to know that the Janitorial services in Fort Collins, CO that you’ve hired will clean your offices without the need for supervision. But how do you cultivate that trust?

The first step is to work with them during the interview. The interview allows you to meet with the service or the people who will be cleaning for you and get to know them as people. You should be comfortable with them since they’ll be inside of your office whenever you are not. If you don’t feel that instant sense of camaraderie with them, you should look for someone else.

Next, ask for their experience level and a background check. If they’ve been cleaning for a long time and have plenty of positive references, that’s a large check-in in their favor. The background check is an advantage for you in the trust department, as you will be able to see each janitor’s background and prior history.

Finally, the last step is to be vigilant. You are giving these janitors keys and access to your office, so always make sure to keep anything you don’t want them to see put away. If you take all the confidential papers off of your desk and place them in a locked drawer, it keeps your information safe, and allows them to clean your desk more effectivity!

Janitorial services in Fort Collins, CO

The last way to trust your janitors is to trust them. Most services just want to clean your office and get paid, so allow them to do that and all will be fine. It’s a win win situation for everyone.