Major Home Maintenance Mistakes

Without a doubt, home maintenance is crucial, and you need to perform it routinely. However, bear in mind that there is such a thing as too much.

When you are handling things yourself, it is vital to know both the dos and don’ts. Thus, here are some of the most common home maintenance mistakes you should avoid.

Excess Pressure Washing

Homeowners typically use pressure washing devices to remove dirt and contaminants from decks, railings, exterior doors, and more. While useful, you want to be careful not to overuse these tools, particularly on wood. The high-pressure water can produce streaks and gouges in it.

Even concrete is not safe from such gouges and strips. You may even find the water peeling away the paint from steel or denting it.

Using Drain Cleaner

Most people have the instinct to reach for a drain cleaner as soon as they notice a clog. However, these instead tend to damage your drains with their acid content. Let alone the significant damage they cause to the material around it.

A plunger is a far better option in comparison to a drain cleaner. If a clog proves a little too challenging for a plunger, use a barbed clog remover instead.

Poor Gutter Screens

Homeowners often mistakenly believe that gutter screens will save them from the most tedious chore, gutter cleaning. However, it doesn’t quite work as you think.

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Some may be too weak and break a short while after you apply them. Others might have tiny holes that collect big leaves, but not smaller debris and roof particles. So if you do want to buy a gutter screen, do the proper research beforehand.

Final Thoughts

Besides these, a few mistakes people make include over-insulating and too much caulking. When you have a maintenance problem that you can’t entirely fix, look up handyman services near me in southfield, mi. Additionally, bear in mind that when it comes to home maintenance, everything is better in moderation.